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Accessibility and Accomodations at the Festival

For Festival 2023, all films, podcasts, web series, and filmmaker interviews will be available online from JUNE 1-30, with Audience Award voting happening from June 1-10.  

Filmmaker Panels, Guest Speakers, and the Awards Ceremony will be recorded and made available online after June 15.

Our June 8 and 9 party/networking spaces are wheelchair accessible.

The Zukor Theater is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, but we would love to help create access in any way we can, so please just email us please to set something up that works for you.

Children under 14 are welcome in the Saturday Astoria Youth Film Festival from 9am-1pm.  Other than that, the material being shown at other times is not appropriate for children under 14.

  • For the Saturday AFF Youth Film Festival:

    Stroller parking is not available, so carriers are recommended. In the event strollers are necessary, please be prepared to fold them.

  • For all sessions:
    For wheelchair entry, alternate access points are available upon request
    Panels and Interviews will be videotaped and made available online after the Festival is over

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