• Founder spent 15 years in tv/film production as a producer for MTV, Sundance, PBS, Sesame St, Nickelodeon.  Launched the Noggin Channel

  • Founder also has EdM from Harvard and spent 4 years as a researcher in Boston Public Schools as part of a Mental Health Initiative through Harvard Medical School and 20+ years creating and running after school programs in Boston and NYC -  Children’s Aid Society, Mission Hill Afterschool Program, Variety Boys & Girls Club




  • Annual Film Festival includes multiple web series and short film categories including our Astoria Youth Film Festival.  Usually takes place at the Zukor Theater in Kaufman Astoria Studios.  

  • We also do screenings and panels at various locations throughout the year for adults and youth, and work with schools to help organize screenings in schools where we produce films

  • Due to COVID19, our workshops, screenings, events, and festival will be offered online.  Our workshjops and our Annual Festival will have parts that are held in person, in safe spaces where masks and social distancing are enforced.


  • In our workshops, kids are 6-14 years old and work well together.  All kids follow along at their own level, and we give the more technical roles (lighting/camera work/editing) to the older kids

  • We strongly support inclusion and have experience working with disabled children and welcome them to our workshops

  • Flexible workshops - work with schools/centers to do what’s needed/wanted

  • We bring our own equipment to our workshops in schools.  Schools only need to provide a location for the workshop

  • In schools, to have a film made, workshops need to be 10+ hours.  Up to 10 hours and we can do all the instruction about how to create and make films, and we will shoot short scenes with the kids, but shooting the film for the festival is done in 10 hours or more only. (Due to COVID19, we are now holding ZOOM workshops and hope to resume in-person workshops when it is safe to do so)

  • Workshops include: story and character development, brainstorming sessions, storyboards, acting and directing, crew drills, production protocol, film set jobs and roles, camera shots, slating, shot lists, camera angles, lighting/sound/costume/set design, filming scenes/film 

  • More advanced workshops: Editing, VFX/Green Screen, Marketing/Promotions of Film (includes budgeting, marketing, designing film posters and press kits/press releases, etc.)



  • Strong filmmaker community that works with us in schools/after schools/workshops and that we help with their own film production

  • Monthly FIlmmaker meetups where filmmakers discuss projects, look for collaborators, and get feedback on writing/production/casting/locations/etc.


  • Follow us on Instagram @astoriafilmfestival and FB @astorianyfilm  Website astoriafilmfestival.or