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Astoria Film Festival Inc, in the Kaufman Arts District in Astoria NY, is a 501c3 non-profit organization and an official NYC DOE VENDOR.

Each year, we produce a main festival and a Youth Festival; organize a Career Fair; teach filmmaking workshops to ages 8-adult in schools, after schools, and community centers; and train high-school and college age youth in our Media Production Lab where we provide instruction in media production skills, real-world production experience, and connections to industry professionals.  


Some of our Lab Fellows are invited to continue working with us, as instructors in our filmmaking workshops and/or as part of AFFStudio, which is our production and social media content creation division. AFFStudio conceives of, creates, and edits video content for local nonprofits and businesses and manages social media accounts for small businesses.


Astoria Film Festival is devoted to increasing the representation of under-represented people in media and film by providing them with the skills, experiences, and connections needed to obtain jobs in the media industry, and with the exposure and community to build their own bodies of work in media production.

Astoria Film Festival is especially focused on supporting groups historically-ignored in society - Disabled people, women, FLI (First-Gen/Low-Income/Immigrants), BBIA (Black/Brown/Indigenous/Asian), women, LGBTQIA+ people.  We also connect our younger students to our older students and to our festival filmmakers and industry professionals who work with us, thus creating a multi-generational, diverse, local filmmaking community and network.


Main Festival

& Youth Film Festival

Online June 1 - June 30  

In-Person Festival June 2024

at The Zukor Theater in

Kaufman Astoria Studios

Halloween Horror Festival

October 2023


Astoria Film Festival is a NYC DOE VENDOR that provides STEAM education through Filmmaking Workshops in Schools, After Schools, and community centers,

for ages 8-adult.  


Our Media Production Lab provide local youth ages 15-30 with media production skills, job experience, and connections to local businesses, festival filmmakers and industry professionals.

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AFFStudio provides our Fellows paid experience producing and editing video content and managing social media accounts for the local community

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