Education and Outreach

Astoria Film Festival is a non-profit company that also provides film & media arts education and outreach, designed to teach students from historically-underrepresented communities, the art, craft, and process of making media and film, while also helping build a strong bridge between  classrooms and the film, television, and digital media industry.

Our introductory filmmaking workshops and outreach initiatives aim to expose students to the art and science of making films via a comprehensive hands-on experience that guides young filmmakers (ages 8-18) through all phases of the filmmaking process.

Students are taught how to conceptualize, develop, write, film, and edit short documentary, drama, comedy, and experimental films about themes relevant to them and their communities. Our talented instructor teach young people how to effectively use technology around them to tell compelling stories in a cinematic way. Students also learn about film and media careers, as we introduce them to Industry Professionals who share their own career paths and experiences with the students, and act as Mentors that help connect them to production opportunities and internships outside of the classrooms.

Astoria Film Festival provides an interactive project-based learning curriculum that is customized to any organization and differentiated for various grade levels and student abilities. Developed by our Founder, a Harvard-trained Education Specialist and Curriculum Development Expert who advocates for inclusion and also worked for years in film/tv/digital media as a writer and producer,  launched the Noggin Network, and spent several years working with the Sundance Film Festival, our curriculum provides a rigorous, standards-based approach to the study of film and media production.  It focuses on revealing the filmmaking process for young people, no matter their abilities or background.

We also provide Staff Development for administrators, teachers (both general and special educators) and the paraprofessionals who assist them in the classroom. Designed to enhance learning, regardless of discipline, our staff developments focus on using creative writing, film making, storytelling, or STEAM in the classroom. The facilitator leads teachers through a dynamic and unique learning experience, giving lessons and hands-on tools, which can be applied easily to the classroom setting. Comprehensive reference handouts included.

Astoria Film Festival currently curates a Speaker Series at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria NY and develops specialty lessons as requested by the Film Department Director.  We provide production assistance and guidance for class films, work with students on pitching and presenting their ideas, give feedback on rough cuts, guide students' marketing and budgeting efforts, and assist with location scouting for Senior Film Projects.  We also provide an AFF CLUB during after school hours at FSSA.

For 2019-20, we will hold several Weekend Workshops (open to the public) and we will also be partnering with various schools in Astoria NY to bring FilmMaking Workshops to students there.  

AFF student films have the opportunity to screen their work in the Future Filmmakers Session of the Astoria Film Festival at Kaufman Astoria Studios.

For more information on how to get involved or if you are interested in bringing our one of a kind Film & Media Arts Program to your school / organization, please contact us at: