AFF offers Film Education, Outreach, and Production Services to the local community via an arm of the AFF known as the Astoria Film Institute


Astoria Film Institute provides Film Workshops  to schools, after schools, community centers, and to the general public.  Our workshops are designed to equip participants with the tools they need to succeed in film creation and production, to encourage equitable access, opportunities, and resources for traditionally underrepresented communities in film/tv/digital media industries. 

(Education refers to our public workshops while Outreach refers to our work in schools and after schools) 


Astoria Film Institute also offers Film/Media Production Services to local businesses and nonprofits for affordable rates. Our founder, various community filmmakers, and select film students from around NYC work together on projects for local businesses and nonprofits, thus providing production resources for the community and work experiences for the youth participants in our Film Fellows Program.  Services range from photography/videography to editing, PA work, and social media management.  Our goal is to promote access and develop pathways for emerging talent, diverse voices, and underrepresented youth to explore careers in the film/tv/digital media fields.