Astoria FIlm Festival Education and Outreach

Astoria Film Festival  (AFF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports emerging filmmakers by producing an annual international film festival in Kaufman Astoria Studios’ Zukor Theater, holding monthly filmmaker meetups and workshops, supporting local indie film productions, and organizing screenings of films by local emerging filmmakers throughout the year in local Astoria venues. 


AFF also offers Film Education and Outreach to the local community via the Astoria Film Institute aka Astoria Film Festival Workshops which are available to schools, after schools, community  centers, and to the general public. 


Our programs are designed to equip participants with the tools they need to succeed in film creation and production, to encourage equitable access, opportunities, and resources for traditionally underrepresented communities in film/tv digital media industries, and to promote access and develop pathways for emerging talent, diverse voices, and underrepresented youth to explore careers in the film/tv/digital media. 


We offer a variety of workshops and can work with you to customize the best possible workshop for your school , after school, or community center.

FILMMAKING BASICS (1-3 hour sessions, up to 11 hours total)

Participants cover an introduction to FilmMaking Basics, from story and character creation, to framing shots, making shot lists, storyboarding, crew drills, production, directing, and acting drills.


PREMIUM FILMMAKING  (1-3 hour sessions, 12+ hours total)

Participants cover an introduction (or review for returning students) to FilmMaking Basics, from story and character creation, to framing shots, making shot lists, storyboarding, production, directing, and acting.  Students work collaboratively to create their own short films together, as a class, and those films and the student filmmakers are featured in the Youth FilmMakers Session of the Astoria Film Festival in May at Kaufman Astoria Studios.


The Following Workshops are Available Only After At Least 5 Basic or  Premium FilmMaking Workshops are completed:






STOP MOTION WORKSHOP (6 hours over 1-6 days)

Create a script, storyboard, shotlists, characters, and a set, and then create a stop motion film together as a class. 


SPEAKER SERIES (6 one-hour appearances throughout the year)

AFF brings professional filmmakers to speak to students about career paths in tv/film/media. 


CAREER DAY (6+ people for 1-2 hours)

AFF can bring a team of filmmakers/tv/digital media professionals to a school career day.  We have also organized non-media career days.