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AFFMedia Production Lab - Fall 2023

Increasing Representation in Media

  Astoria Film Festival's Media Production Lab to Empower

Historically-Ignored Youth and Foster Inclusive Media Representation

The AFF Media Production Lab aims to empower historically-ignored youth between the ages of 15 and 30 throughout NYC, providing them with essential skills, hands-on experience, and valuable connections to pursue industry careers, particularly in Production Assistance, as well as an introduction to jobs in Post-Production: Marketing, and Post-Production: Editing/VFX.

Through strategic partnerships with studios, production companies, film/tv marketing organizations, editors groups, and seasoned film/media professionals, the AFF Media Production Lab is committed to increasing opportunities for historically-ignored individuals across the entire media ecosystem.

"We are dedicated to increasing representation of historically-ignored voices and faces in the media by providing training and mentorship to our lab fellows," said Nina Fiore, Founding Director of Astoria Film Festival. "Our goal is to create systemic change and greater diversity in the media industry by empowering the next generation of production professionals."

The AFF Media Production Lab Program seeks to provide youth in Queens with the skills needed for the participants to pursue careers in Media Production. Including:


Pre-Production and Production skills:

On-set terminology and protocols

Ability to put together a Set Binder, with all necessary production documents, including storyboards, shotlists, production schedules, production budgets, and call sheets

Learn about On-set jobs and skills from industry professionals

Understand how to use on-set equipment - cameras, sound systems, lighting


Post-Production: Editing

Preparing files for editing (DIT training)

Cutting and creating transitions in DaVinci Resolve and/or Premiere Pro

Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve


Post-Production: Social Media Marketing skills

Organizing a social media strategy

Scheduling and tracking posts; Analyzing and reporting on post behavior, to influence future post creation

Community building through social posting, commenting, and sharing methods


The commitment for Lab Fellows is as follows (all days):

Oct 11-Dec 13, WED 7-9pm in zoom

OCT 14 & 15, SAT/SUN 2:30-6:30pm: In Person Sessions at Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens (VBGCQ)

NOV 18 & 19, SAT/SUN 9am-5pm both days - In Person Illumination Training Workshop by The MBS Group at Kaufman Astoria Studios

DEC 2 & 3, SAT/SUN 2-7pm In Person Sessions at Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens (VBGCQ)

Fellows will be asked to sign a contract to commit to the full program if accepted.


Media Contact:

Nina Fiore

Founding Director, Astoria Film Festival

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