Do you have a passion for bringing storytelling and filmmaking experiences to young people? Astoria Film Festival helps students ages 5-25 tell their own stories while learning the camera, sound, lighting, and more technical aspects involved in filmmaking We’re looking for dedicated volunteers who have a background in filmmaking, writing, production, or marketing to work with and/or speak to our Youth FilmMakers.

Class Speaker

If you are in the Film, Television, or Digital Media Industry in any capacity and would be interested in being recorded in zoom talking about your career path and your day-to-day job duties, please contact us.  We'd love to have you as part of our Media Career Mentors.

Festival/Event Assistant

If you would like to volunteer at our annual festival or at any of our screenings, we can always use help taking tickets and helping participant/visitors to our events.

Workshop Assistant

If you have filmmaking skills and would like to assist in our workshops, please contact us.  We have space for a volunteer in each workshop and in the workshops in our summer program.

Other Ways to Volunteer with Astoria Film Festival

  • Request us in schools/afterschools – Want to see AFF at your local school or afterschool program? Contact your school and/or program administrators and request our workshops be brought to you!

  • Fundraising – In order to keep AFF affordable and offer scholarships for students in need, we rely on our wonderful supporters! Contact us to help plan events, reach out to donors and subscribers, contribute to grant writing, and promote fundraising and outreach initiatives at AFF

For more information on other volunteer opportunities at AFF contact us at astoriafilmfestival@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!